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🖥️: online (Google meet, Skype or Zoom) 

💳: UAH 400/1 hour 

🟡 study according to the school program of your class (grades 5–11);

🟡 material practice in online games;

🟡 work with mental maps and interactive boards;

🟡 development of competences and skills of the 21st century. 


It is important for us not just to provide theoretical material, butform a positive association with learning, that is why there are many games and interesting activities in our lessons. At the same time, it is important for us to educate conscientious Ukrainians, so we also teach students:

🔵 be proactive citizens,

🔵 think critically and creatively, 

🔵 check the facts, 

🔵 understand and express your own emotions, 

🔵 communicate non-violently,

🔵 be environmentally conscious, etc. 

I always want to go to our classes, because they are not just about learning, but also about support and friendship. 
Lessons from the Ukrainian assistantand I have to switch to Ukrainian, because I realized how cool it is. 

Варя, учениця "невгаМОВНО", 8-класниця, хоумскулерка

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