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🖥️: online (Google meet, Skype or Zoom) 

💳: UAH 400/1 hour

Switching to the Ukrainian language of communication is a psychologically complex process. Therefore, our task is to become a support on this path.

🟡 comfortable friendly lessons without jitters;

🟡 individual development program upon request;

🟡 improving pronunciation, learning new words, practicing speaking and writing;

🟡 individual selection of additional materials (films, podcasts, videos, articles);

🟡 flexible schedule (permanent class or variable day and time every week). 

I am very excited about our classes. Every time it is something useful that gives me more confidence in my use of the language at work and in everyday life.  Also, I like what we read, watch important films, listen to Ukrainian old and new music etc. Here they skillfully surround their students with Ukrainian and make them fall in love with everything OUR, displacing everything Russian


учениця "невгаМОВНО", менеджерка медіа "Ікла", засновниця закладів азійської кухні "DuckPlease", "Hotpot", "азійський експрес"

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