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🖥️: online (Google meet) 

💳: UAH 400/1 lesson

🟡 preparation for the final examination in Ukrainian language and literature;

🟡 individual selection of materials;

🟡 use of video, audio, visual material for comprehensive study and practical processing of the material;

🟡 material practice in online games;

🟡 constant mentoring support to motivate students.

In my life, I have never met modern and progressive teachers of the Ukrainian language. At school, they all, as one, teach according to the standard boring scheme. And attempts to find a tutor often ended in disappointment.

But after our classes, I adore the Ukrainian language and lessons!


What exactly do I like? Let's start with something simple - a friendly atmosphere, jokes, an accessible and understandable explanation and presentation of the material. This is the base, as they say.
Now the preparation for the external examination has become interesting, and the topics are clear. Thank you so much and I recommend it to everyone❤️

учениця "невгаМОВНО", 11-класниця, майбутня вчителька української мови та письменниця

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